Kossie Locking Systems

Secure innovative locking systems setup for maximum loss prevention!

Our product suits all containers & trucks. Is bolt cutter proof, fully customisable and tamper proof.

Secure your containers today!


    Kossie Locking Systems are proudly Australian! All our container locks are made right here in Australia.


    Our container locks have been endurance tested and proven to be a strong form of container security.


    Our container locks are bolt cutter proof with steel sleeve protected padlocks and our pin is tamper resistant.

Kossie Locking System Installation Guide

Our Testimonials

"We had an attempted break in of 3 containers on the weekend with the Kossie locks installed. They attacked them for around 15 to 20 min and then gave up and left.

Excellent product !!!! thank you for all your assistance and we will continue to use these in the future and will be more than happy to recommend to anyone."

- Spotlight Group

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